Sleep Dentistry - Pain and Worry free Dentistry

Do you have significant dental fear or anxiety? If so, we offer you various levels of sedation that might suit your needs



During your consult with our doctors, we gauge the level of sedation required for your procedure and discuss the options with you in detail. Smaller procedures and minor levels of anxiety can be managed easily with IV or oral sedation, while longer or more extensive procedures with higher level of anxiety will require general anaesthetic where you are totally unconscious for the duration of the procedure. Patients under general anaesthetics will sleep through their entire dental procedure unaware of the sight, smell and sounds easing fear anxiety and discomfort.


Have you ever wished you could sleep through dental treatment?

You now can at Future Health Medical and Dental Centre. Why stress at the dentist when you can sleep through your appointment now? All sedation procedures are performed only by a registered anaesthetist, resulting in the safest and most effective sedation for your dental procedure. You are are discharged within a few hours of your procedure.

You don’t have to have private health insurance to have dental treatment under IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic.

We understand a visit to the dentist may be unsettling but don’t let that prevent you from receiving the treatment that you need. At Future Health Medical and Dental Centre, we offer many options to allow for simple or extensive dental care to be completed without compromise and in fewer visits to get you the healthy smile you want without the pain and the worry. Book your consult with our doctors today by calling 03 9078 6259

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