Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth begin developing in the teenage years and may continue into a person’s late 20s. Though wisdom teeth may not cause immediate pain and discomfort, they could require removal due to potential complications or progressive issues. It is of utter importance to have them checked before they start causing pain and more importantly, damage to the adjacent good teeth.

How much Should Wisdom teeth removal Cost?

Wisdom teeth removal cost depends on the degree of impaction. Generally, they can vary from $300-$450 per tooth and can depend whether you have them under Local anaesthetic or Sedation. Once you’ve had your consultation, our doctors can discuss with you the overall cost of the treatment.

Reasons Why Extraction May Be Required

As a part of your comprehensive exam, we at Future Health will advise you of the location and possible impaction of your wisdom teeth if needed. We have special X-rays available at our clinic (No need to go to an outside radiology centre) to assess the situation under the gum and bone. This evaluation process as well as how the patient feels will help determine if the wisdom teeth should be removed.

When and why Should I be concerned?

The main reasons that most people who opt to have the procedure done:

  • Are experiencing pain or discomfort from the corners of the jaw

  • Have Impaction (not enough space/stuck behind other teeth)

  • Have cysts or tumours or other pathology

  • May notice the wisdom teeth not coming through straight

  • May have damage to adjacent teeth


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