Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies like toothaches, knocked out teeth, wisdom teeth aches can happen to anyone regardless of age.

Any obvious damage to a tooth (fractures, chips, lost fillings or broken crowns) should be treated as soon as possible. We understand that emergencies come uninvited and unexpected, and we are always ready to help. We extend our medical services beyond our regular clinic hours to help you at an emergency dental situation with minimum impact.

There could be many reasons for dental pain, it is crucial that it is diagnosed accurately. Our dentists are highly qualified and extremely experienced in providing emergency dental care using the latest dental technology.  Services include:

  • Onsite digital radiography (OPG)

  • Wisdom teeth removal and managment

  • Nerve pain treatment

  • Broken teeth or chipped fillings

  • Trauma or knocked out teeth for adults and children


Anterior chips.jpg

If you are in the area of Moonee Ponds and in need of specialised urgent dental care, you can Book Online or contact us on (03) 9078 6259


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  • Tuesday 9am–5pm

  • Wednesday 9am–5pm

  • Thursday 9am–5pm

  • Friday 9am–12:30pm